Sunday, June 14, 2015

Review of Pizza Hut Gluten Free Pizza

So we were excited when Pizza Hut came out with their Gluten Free Pizza, and we figured we'd give it a try.  The crust was burnt on the edges and really hard, the sauce wasn't that flavorful and it was expensive, especially adding the toppings.  We'll stick with the $6.00 Udi's Frozen Pizza's from walmart. It's much better

Review of Udi's Pizza

Pizza is something we have missed as well, until we found Udi's frozen pizza.  We like the three cheese and the pepperoni ones, the Margherita one leaves something to be desired.  We buy mainly the three cheese one, the pepperoni one if we have to, but we add more toppings to them.  They are really good and better than Domino's or Pizza Hut's 'gluten free' pizzas.  We get them at Walmart, but have seen them at several other local stores.  We love our pizza and have them several times a week now.  For only about $6.00 per pizza the price isn't too bad.  

Review of Udi's Gluten Free Hamburger Bun

We have tried several 'hamburger' buns along the gluten free journey and Udi's is the only one that we have liked.  It doesn't fall apart, it is good as far as texture and taste goes.  The only thing I would change is the price, $6 for 4 buns is a bit steep, but it is worth it.  Our main problem is the store we get them from doesn't check the dates on the package so we have to be careful as I didn't check the date and we got one home and some were moldy.  2 thumbs up for these.

Review of Aqua Star Breaded Fish

Sorry for the lack of updates, we will try to post more often.  So a few things we have missed since going gluten free is Breaded shrimp and breaded fish sandwiches.  I was at Walmart in their frozen gluten free section the other day and saw some new items so we figured we would give them a try.  We tried both the shrimp and the Alaskan Cod, and OMG talk about honest to goodness yummy!  It was the closest thing to real breaded shrimp/cod we have had since going gluten free 5 years ago.  It is definitely something we will be having again on both the shrimp and the cod.  The price wasn't too bad for being Gluten free though.
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