Monday, September 2, 2013

Basic GF white flour mixture

 First off I am still working on this recipe to determine which starch is better for what, whey and milk or just one or the other etc. but right now it is really good and works for bread and quick breads.
 Not the best for you but neither is bleached white wheat flour so.... ;-)

30 g Tapioca starch
38 g Potato starch
24 g Corn starch or Arrowroot (I haven't decided which I like best.)
42 g Sweet Dairy Whey powder *
24 g Milk powder *
180 g White Rice flour **
180 g Brown Rice flour **

 Put everything in a bag or large container with a lid and shake it baby.... or use a flour sifter if you want to sit there for hours. When I buy white and brown rice flour I just mix the two packages together so the amounts up above is what I use cut in half.
 This makes roughly three cups of flour as I am keeping it small to use in testing but that's the joy of using weight measure, just times the #s by whatever, not hard to grow it.
 If you do not have a kitchen scale I recommend you get one if you want to make the same product again and again instead of a dry one one day and pudding the next.
 Don't put any gums or ground psyllium husks in it, cakes, muffins, pancakes, quick breads do not need them or gluten, that is why all the above normal wheat recipes say to mix just until brought together, you do not want to trigger the gluten so leave it out and just put them in when you make normal bread.
 The ratio I am trying to stick with is two parts flours to one part starch, that seems to be the best ration I have found, right now I am working out the effects that the different starches bring to the baked goods. My wife laughs at me when I tell her that I want to turn the spare room into a test kitchen, I have some ideas on some gadgets to test tenderness, how rubbery, moisture etc. but she just thinks I am cracking a joke, I am very meticulous about things and will spend loads of time just deciding if 1 tsp makes a difference or not.
* Still deciding if one or the other makes a better product but I tend to put in both.
** if you don't use both milk and whey then use 160 g of each rice flour.

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