Monday, September 2, 2013

A note about the flours I use

I have tried many brands of flours, the ones in bulk that I have tried from the health food stores around my house all have way to course of a grain, all their rice flours are very gritty, their almond flour is so course that if you don't want to eat chopped almonds I have to run it forever in a food processor with the other flours (so it doesn't turn to almond butter to use it.) so they don't turn out well.


Bob Red Mill flours are the best I have tried to date hands down, they are incredible.
The only ones I have not tried from Bob are the Millet flour, and Golden Flax seed (I have the brown Flax meal from bob though) I will be trying them payday. (broke at the moment)
They are extremely fine ground, most are whole grain and I have not found a broader variety from one place yet.
 From what I read he grinds all his GF flours in a separate GF mill and have dedicated farms to be GF.
 No I don't work for them but he is my absolute hero, I am sure the money matters as he is a business man but I really wonder how it makes him feel to know that he helps so many people eat "normally" every day.
 My current "White" flour is Bobs white rice, brown rice flours, potato*, tapioca, arrowroot starches, and sweet whey powder.
 I am going 2 part "flour" to 1 part starch and it seems to be working very well, I am very picky though so I am working out which starch alters what. i.e. crumb, stiffness, moisture, etc.
 My "Whole Wheat" flavored flour so far (OMG it really tastes like whole wheat) is a kitchen sink flour, it has every type of GF flour/starch I have quinoa, white rice, brown rice, flak seed meal, sorghum, amaranth, and coconut flours, potato*, tapioca, arrowroot, and cornstarch for the startches.
 I will be posting the weights and measures of it when I get it weighed out, I am waiting to get some millet flour and golden flax meal to throw in it.
 I threw it together to see what would happen and oh man, I think I hit it on the head the first try, the test bread I made from it tasted just like my mothers honey whole wheat bread that I grew up on except mine is not as dense as hers and does not dry out so bad. (hers at times could anchor boats but had the most awesome flavor.

 So all in all I must say Bob, my wife and I thank you for giving us the baked goods that we craved after for years after I was diagnosed gluten intolerant. 

 What I have not tried from Bob is his mixes (I need GF and sugar free and they have sugar in them).
Soy flour (I like it but for whatever reason Soy everything hates me)
 Millet flour, Hazelnut meal, Corn flour (Tried someone elses and it was so bad I am weary about trying it from anyone), black bean, fava bean, and oat flour (can't have oats orders from the DR. it stinks, I love oatmeal more than I do bread), I am planning on picking up the millet flour and golden flax seed on payday, unfortunately the stores around me do not have the Hazelnut and the bean flours so I will have to get them online.
 I have had the Creamy Buckwheat, and creamy brown rice farina it was really good, especially with some butter and a touch of molasses (it only takes a drop to give things that brown sugar flavor) 

  Again, no I do not work for Bobs Red Mill, or am any way associated with them but I am extremely grateful to him for making my food taste so much better.

* Remember there is a difference between potato starch and potato flour, the starch is the white film on your cutting board from grating potatoes and the flour is ground dried potatoes. huge difference.

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