Sunday, September 15, 2013

My advice for your GF pancakes

 Your pancakes coming out flatter than a pancake?
 Did they look good before you flipped them?
 Gluten free pancakes cannot be treated like normal pancakes, you can put all the baking powder in that you want and if you treat them like normal pancakes they will still come out like crepes.
 Imagine if you will, you are cooking normal pancakes, they start to rise, you see bubbles start to form, the edges start to set, you flip, you hear the sizzle and then the pancakes rise more, puff up and then set.
 Ah the joys of gluten, without the gluten the batter can only raise x amount then it gives up the ghost entirely, so after the flip above it stays flat and doesn't rise again, or if it does it is minimal.
 Well here is the simple fix, break the rules, put a lid on it for one, yes -gasp- I said a lid, second cook it a little lower and do not flip until the entire pancake has set, then flip and then leave the lid off after the flip to keep the crispiness on the top. (or leave it on to soften it)
 That is the trick, that's it, that's all there is to it, but if your mother saw you do that she would yell out you that you cooked it wrong, but it's not wrong, it is how you cook GF.
 You can also use a waffle iron, when it raises and hits the top of the iron the heat sets it and it stays risen, lol I have put in too much baking powder before so it raised to much (trying to get around the raising thing above) and I came out with hollow brown waffle shaped shells.
 Enjoy and be gluten free and eat your pancakes too.

 BTW, in my testing you will find that for GF stuff like pancakes, cakes, quick breads, it is pretty much all the same, the eggs, the water, salt, flour, oil/butter are pretty much all the same the variation is the sugar/sweetener, and the water, more water more light fluffy cake like, less water more quick bread style.


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