Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Results Are In....

We went to the Dr today to talk about Rob's bloodtest results and the results were not so good....
1-  Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
2-  Fatty Liver Disease
3-  Microalbuminuria (early kidney disease/damage) Only showing up in urine right now his BUN/Crea levels were both low or low normal.
4-  High Cholesterol not the 'regular kind' but the LDL & HDL are either high/low
5-  High Triglycerides
6-  Severely Vitamin D Deficient "Critically Low"
7-  Heart Attack Risk Extremely High (C Reactive Protein)
8-  High Hemoglobin ALC which means his Glucose has been consistently high over the past 3 months.
9-  Chronic Inflammation  (Elevated WBC but no other CBC levels were elevated)
10-  Insulin Resistant

The Dr does think the Fatty Liver Disease, & Kidney Disease, Cholesterol are reversible with dietary changes (that we've already made), and supplements, and medications.  Now mind you Rob had previously been going to a different PCP Dr who didn't give a rat's butt about his health, Dr. Jones (Alpine Clinic) has been all the supplements and stuff he wants Rob on are about $300 a month!  Eeek!  The good news is our insurance covered 100% a great glucose tester, the test strips, the lancets, so that was nice, and the 2 new prescriptions he was put on are on the Walmart $4.00.  The Dr seemed most concerned with the EXTREMELY low Vit D (5 normal is 80-100) which puts him extremely high risk for lots of things like Rickets, Cancer and more.  The Low Vitamin D explains several of his issues: poor wound healing, increased muscle, joint, back pain, depression, diabetes, allergies, inflammation, high blood pressure, it also puts him at 3x the risk of Multiple Sclerosis.  If you haven't ever been tested for Vit D, I would strongly recommend it, I am deficient as well and feel much better since taking it.

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